Shipping timing and cost estimates between Clublender Los Angeles, Clublender Louisville, and various destinations

Please note that we present these estimates in order to help provide a broad understanding of the shipping implications of using the Virtual Bag Room and not as a promise of future cost or timing. Shipping timing and cost are subject to change over the course of the season and may differ from what is displayed here. These estimates are based on Clublender custom box dimensions of 47″ x 10″ x 15″ and weight of 25 lbs, and exclude any declared value estimates. Transit time estimates assume business days only. Clublender compiled these estimates on June 19th, 2023.
Destination Roundtrip cost (and timing) from Clublender Los Angeles Roundtrip cost (and timing) from Clublender Louisville
$54.34 (3 days) $43.98 (2 days)
$48.20 (3 days) $79.94 (5 days)
Los Angeles,
$26.40 (1 day) $75.72 (3 days)
$75.72 (4 days) $26.40 (1 day)
Palm Beach,
$75.72 (4 days) $43.98 (2 days)

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