Our pricing varies based on equipment make-and-model, item type (full set versus single club), and the number of full sets in an order (five or more sets in an order qualify for a bulk discount). In addition to the clubs themselves and the bags we ship them in, we offer a variety of accessories, including Bushnell laser rangefinders; Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade golf balls; and Callaway and TaylorMade gloves: everything you need to travel lightly and enjoy your time on the course.

Pay-as-you-go (regular) pricing for full sets

“Item A/Item B” signifies “hybrid(s) and irons from model A, and woods from model B”. These prices include some or all of the cost of shipping; a Vessel player stand bag; divot repair tool, ball marker, and tees for you to keep; a clean towel; and any other accessories that you’ve added to your order.

Single club and subset pricing

Per-day prices

1st 2nd+
Drivers $35 $6
Fairway woods $32 $6
Hybrids $28 $6
Irons (set) $42 $6
Wedges $34 $6
Putters $30 $6

Mix ‘n’ match pricing

Day 1: $115; days 2-5: $30/day; days 6+: $25/day

Customers can build a custom stiff flex set or a custom regular flex set by “mixing and matching” drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters of different makes and models. This pricing includes the clubs themselves as well as the Vessel player stand bag and accessories that come standard with our other full-set offerings.

At the moment, these mix ‘n’ match offerings include only standard-length, right-handed equipment. Please let us know if you’re interested in another variation so that we can attempt to build a set for you now or consider your feedback for future offerings.

Bulk pricing

We offer a 10% discount for customers renting five or more sets at a time. If you’re ordering online, you’ll see this discount applied to your order at checkout. We can also apply this discount for you over the phone at (323) 405-4463. For further information about bulk orders, please also feel free to email us at support@clublender.com or to reach us via chat on our website.


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