We want the exchange between you and us to be as smooth and straightforward as it can be:

You book online, specifying when you’d like the clubs of your choosing.

We drop the clubs off before for your departure for the course, or before your arrival at the course, whichever option you prefer.

We pick the clubs up once you’re done at the course or once you’ve left the clubs at the pickup location of your choosing.

You can contact us anytime if there’s a part of your order that you’d like to clarify.


For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered right here. Not finding what you want? Drop us a line!

Q: What is Clublender?

A: It’s a way to conveniently rent top-of-the-line golf clubs. Learn more at our about page.

Q: How does renting via Clublender work?

A: We deliver and pick up top-end PXG, Titleist, Callaway, and TaylorMade clubs to the location you want, when you want. Just tell us when you want your clubs and we’ll get them to you.

Q: But…why?

A: Playing golf can be fun, but finding the equipment you want to play with, when you want to play with it, can be difficult. We want to make getting onto the golf course with fantastic equipment easier.

Q: Does Clublender work for travel?

A: Imagine this: you live in Denver. You’re meeting up with some old friends in Los Angeles, and you all want to play golf. You’d rather not pay to check or ship your clubs to Los Angeles, but you’d also prefer not to play with whatever clubs the golf course might have available. You could use Clublender to find a set in Los Angeles.

Q: What if I already have golf clubs?

A: How about this scenario? You golf avidly and are in the market for a new set of irons. You’ve long played Titleists, but you’ve heard great things about the new PXGs. You’d love to try them out on the course or at the range. Now you can do so easily.

Q: What about beginning golfers?

A: Let’s say you’re just starting golf. You hear it’s fun, but you don’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on new golf clubs before seeing what all the fuss is about. Why not select a set and take that set for a spin?

Q: Where can I use Clublender?

A: Right now we’re servicing the Los Angeles area. But we’re planning to expand soon! If you want Clublender to come to your area, please let us know!