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Q: How does Clublender work?

Q: Where can I use Clublender?

Q: Am I able to rent individual clubs (a driver, for example, or just irons) or do I have to rent an entire set?

Q: Does the shipment include a golf bag?

Q: What is your rain check policy?


Order timing

Q: When do I get the clubs?

Q: What if I need clubs sooner than the three business days’ notice that the online booking system requires in advance of my first playing date?

Q: If I am playing a round early Saturday morning, do I need to book the clubs for Friday AND Saturday to make sure I have my clubs?



Q: Do you have a physical location in Los Angeles where I can pick up clubs?

Q: What if I don’t know whether the course I’m playing at or the hotel I’m staying at accepts shipments of clubs?

Q: What if I know for a fact that the course I’m playing at or the hotel I’m staying at DOES NOT accept shipments of clubs?



Q: How do I return the clubs? What do I do after my last round?

Q: Will I be able to pick the clubs up at one location and drop them off at another?

Q: If I’m leaving the clubs at a UPS drop-off location rather than at a hotel or golf course, and if UPS is closed by the time I finish my round, what do I do?

Q: What if I’m unable to get the clubs to a UPS drop-off location during store hours (because it’s Sunday, for example, or my last round ends too late), or the course or my hotel won’t accept outgoing shipments?

Q: If my rental period ends on or near a holiday and UPS does doesn’t pick up my clubs on-time as a result, will I be charged an extra day?

Q: Will the clubs be picked up from my hotel or golf course?

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