Clublender Rental Policy

Clublender, Inc. (“we”, “our” or “Clublender”) hereby agrees to rent golf clubs or other golfing equipment to you in accordance with these Rental Guidelines. You may select products to rent at and choose your designated delivery location.

Please note that our Rental Agreement may change from time to time, including, but not limited to, in the period between when an order is placed and when Clublender fulfills the order.

When the customer places an order through the website, they are required at checkout to agree explicitly to the terms of this Rental Agreement. If a Clublender team member takes the customer’s order over the phone, that team member will typically ask for verbal confirmation of consent from the customer to the terms of this Rental Agreement, but in any case Clublender considers the customer’s consent as automatic and as a necessary condition of an order’s placement.

Customer Confidentiality and Privacy Policy

To reserve golf clubs, customers must first provide personal information such as name; physical address; home phone number; phone number leading up to, during, and after the rental period; email; and, in some instances, a password. Customer’s personal information is held in a secure database and is not distributed or sold to any third party. Customer credit card information is provided securely to a partner’s protected site when the customer makes payment.

IMPORTANT: Clublender does not store customer’s credit card information on our website or any of its databases and does not give out customer’s credit card information to third parties. Clublender reserves the right to use GPS to track location of the clubs rented. Please read our privacy policy to become familiar with how we handle your personal information.

General Reservation Policy

The customer must first complete a customer information section on our website or present the same information over the phone with a Clublender representative. Additionally, the customer must have a valid credit card to reserve equipment with Clublender and must enter their credit card information on the secure reservation form on our website or provide their credit card information to a Clublender representative over the phone. Reservations may be made up to one year in advance of the rental date. (Throughout this document, the “start of the Rental Period” will refer to midnight on the first calendar day of the Rental Period in the timezone of the order destination.)

Government-Issued Identification

Clublender requires first-time customers to furnish a photograph or scan of a valid driver’s license or other government-issued identification document (a passport, for example) and a selfie in order for Clublender to confirm the customer’s identity. If the customer refuses to furnish this evidence, Clublender may cancel and refund the customer’s order, regardless of how soon the customer’s requested playing date is. If the customer does not furnish the required evidence within 24 hours of placing an order, Clublender may refund only a part of the cost of rental. If a returning customer had provided an image of an ID that is now expired, Clublender may require a new image of a different, unexpired government-issued ID.

Shipment of Equipment

We reserve the right to ship the equipment through whatever method (UPS, FedEx, freight, or otherwise) we deem appropriate for a given order. The pricing provided by our website takes into account various elements of an order, including, but not limited to, the base rental cost, any applicable order discounts, shipping origin, shipping destination, delivery timing during the week, and any need for expedition. In part due to the inherent complexity of pricing calculations, we do not guarantee that pricing quoted by the website will be identical to pricing provided in response to inquiries via phone, chat, email or other communication.

The customer or a representative of the customer at the customer’s destination must be available for receipt of the equipment over the course of the two business days prior to the customer’s first playing date, even if the customer has opted for residential delivery. If our shipping partner is unable to deliver the equipment because no one is on site to receive it, the customer’s order will not be eligible for any refund.

In certain situations, Clublender may contact one or more UPS Store locations to confirm the amount of any holding fee that the customer can expect upon pickup of their order. Clublender provides this service as a courtesy to the customer, but cannot guarantee that a UPS Store location will honor the initially quoted fee amount. More broadly, Clublender cannot guarantee the fee amount charged by any UPS Store location.

Return of Equipment

When the customer is returning equipment to Clublender, i.e., performing the “return drop-off” through a golf course pro shop, hotel front desk, or other intermediary that is not the shipping partner itself, the customer must leave the equipment with the appropriate representative by 8pm local time on the last day of the Rental Period (the “return drop-off deadline”). When the customer is performing the return drop-off via UPS (or other shipping partner as indicated on the provided return label), the customer must leave the equipment with a representative at a UPS Store location (or at the appropriate shipping partner’s location) by 12pm local time on the day following the last day of the Rental Period (also the “return drop-off deadline”).

If UPS Store locations (or affiliate locations) local to the customer’s destination are closed on the day following the last date of the booking range due to those locations’ typical or holiday opening hours, the customer may return the equipment at no additional charge by 12pm one day later than the day following the last day of the booking range.

If Clublender is unable to confirm possession of the equipment by the intended handler (hotel, golf course, or UPS affiliate) by that time, then it reserves the right to charge the un-discounted additional-day price for whatever equipment the customer has rented. Clublender may help facilitate the exchange, but getting the equipment to the shipping partner is the responsibility of the customer.

Any equipment that the customer rents should be returned in its original packaging, typically a box or duffel bag, with the individual head covers replaced to encourage the safe return of the equipment. The included shipping box or duffel bag is intended to be used for return shipping, and is not the customer’s to keep. If Clublender uses a travel bag for the shipment and it is not returned, the customer will be charged the full value of the bag. Clublender will provide the customer with any relevant return labels. Any equipment that the customer rents should be returned in its original packaging.

When the customer is performing the return drop-off with a golf course or hotel, the customer must make a note of the first name of the person with whom they are leaving the equipment and provide that information to Clublender should Clublender request such information. When the customer is performing the return drop-off via a shipping partner, they must obtain a receipt and be willing to present a clear photograph or scan of it to Clublender should Clublender request such an image.

The customer is ultimately responsible for the timely handoff of equipment to the relevant party. If for whatever reason that handoff is delayed, the customer will, by default, take responsibility for the delay. Such reasons for delay may include, but are not limited to, the failure to adhere the return label to the box so that it is legible, or the accidental return to Clublender of one or more empty boxes.

Clublender reserves the right to charge the full retail value of the rental equipment if it has not received a notification of possession by the intended handler by noon local time on the second calendar day following the last playing date.

Clublender may help facilitate the return exchange, but getting the equipment to the shipping partner is the responsibility of the customer. Please learn more about late fees in the “Late, Lost, or Stolen Equipment” section.

Late, Lost, or Stolen Equipment

Clublender will consider any equipment that the customer has not dropped off by the “return drop-off deadline” to be late. The customer must contact Clublender to inform Clublender of having made a return drop-off or exchange more than 24 hours past the deadline.

If the equipment has not been dropped off with the appropriate party within 24 hours of the deadline, Clublender will attempt to “capture” (i.e., charge) the amount of the pre-authorization hold it had placed on the credit card that the customer used to perform the rental through Clublender and reserves the right to attempt to charge whatever remaining value of equipment it deems to still be in possession of the customer.

To calculate the value of the equipment, Clublender reserves the right to use any value up to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for each item. A choice to delay or postpone the hold will be at Clublender’s sole discretion.

Clublender may also charge late fees up to the time that the equipment is back in its possession. Clublender will calculate late charges as the cost that the customer would have incurred for the additional days had the equipment been in the customer’s possession as part of a rental; Clublender will not apply to this calculation any discounts that might have been applied to the original rental. Clublender will also exclude from this reimbursement any charges for damaged or lost clubs, which value is to be determined at Clublender’s sole discretion.

If the customer has not returned the equipment within 48 hours of the return drop-off deadline, Clublender may consider the equipment stolen and file a police report in accordance with this consideration.

If a customer has reported clubs lost, stolen or lost due to fire, the customer will nonetheless be responsible for payment to Clublender for the full replacement value of the clubs. Here, too, Clublender reserves the right to charge any value up to the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for each item in the customer’s possession, and Clublender may consider the equipment stolen and file a police report in accordance with this consideration.

If lost or stolen clubs are back in Clublender’s possession within two weeks of the return drop-off deadline, Clublender will refund the replacement value, less any late charges, that had been charged to the customer. Clublender will calculate late charges as described in the paragraph above.

Additional charges may apply if the return of the equipment to Clublender is delayed for other reasons related to customer behavior.

For example, if a customer does not adhere the provided return label over the original label, and if the clubs are re-delivered to the customer’s original shipping destination, Clublender may charge the customer for any shipping fees that it incurs while attempting to secure the return of the equipment. Such charges may include the cost of generating one or more new shipping labels not originally included with the order as well as the cost of scheduling any secondary UPS pickups that become necessary in the case of an unsuccessful pickup attempt. Further charges may apply if a customer does not leave the equipment at a location suggested by Clublender and if UPS is therefore unable to retrieve the equipment at the time of a scheduled pickup.

Ensuring the proper repacking of the equipment and leaving the equipment at the relevant location for its return to Clublender are solely the customer’s responsibility.

Cancellation and Refund Policies

The customer may cancel his or her order at any time prior to the start of the Rental Period, but the monetary portion of the order eligible for a refund will depend upon how far in advance the cancellation has been made and upon whether Clublender has yet shipped the equipment.

A cancellation made…

  • …after Clublender has shipped the equipment or within 72 hours of the start of the Rental Period will not be eligible for a refund.
  • …before Clublender has shipped the equipment, and seven or more days prior to the start of the Rental Period, will be eligible for a full refund to the credit card with which the customer placed the order.
  • …before Clublender has shipped the equipment, with fewer than seven days’ notice but with more than 72 hours’ notice, will be eligible for a 100% refund of any shipping surcharges and any accessories and a 30% refund on the remaining rental cost to the credit card with which the customer placed the order.

The customer must call or text Clublender with his or her cancellation at (323) 405-4463 or send an email with his or her cancellation to

If the customer decides to reduce the number of sets in the order, then the refund policy outlined above will apply to the sets excluded from the final order.

Clublender does not typically provide refunds if for any reason, including the occurrence of rain or any other weather pattern, a customer’s ability to reach the requested shipping destination of their order or the playability of a golf course or driving range is impacted.


Deliveries will be fulfilled through Clublender’s shipping partners, which may change from time to time and the selection of which will be at Clublender’s discretion. Clublender aims to have clubs to the customer the day before the start of the Rental Period.

In case of a shipping delay in which the shipping carrier has had the equipment in its possession with sufficient time to fulfill the delivery, Clublender will refund the cost of the marginal portion of the rental the customer cannot use. For example, if the customer will not have the equipment in time for his or her first day of play during a three-day Rental Period, Clublender will reimburse the customer for the cost of his or her third rental day.

Receipt of Order and Liability

Upon receipt of the order, the customer will bear responsibility for the equipment delivered.

The customer acknowledges that a Secure Shipping Address is highly recommended. A “Secure Shipping Address” means a location where an individual can physically receive order(s). In the event that an unsecure shipping address is provided, Clublender does not bear liability for orders left unattended.

The customer will be held liable until the package is shipped back to Clublender and shows up in the carrier’s possession. If the package does not show up as tracked with the carrier, the customer will be liable for the cost to replace the gear, or the late fees once the package begins to track with the carrier. Clublender recommends dropping off the order at a staffed drop point and securing a receipt as proof.

Rental Equipment Damage: Your Responsibility

You hereby understand that while the golf equipment is in your possession, YOU ARE SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EQUIPMENT RENTED TO YOU. You are to use the golf equipment for its intended recreational use only and not for any other reason. You shall not remove, alter, disfigure or cover up any numbering, lettering, barcode or insignia displayed upon the equipment, and shall see that the equipment is not subjected to careless, unusually or needlessly rough usage. You must return the equipment to us in the same condition as delivered, ordinary wear and tear resulting from proper use thereof alone excepted. YOU AGREE TO NOT USE ANY OF THESE CLUBS TO HIT OUT OF NON-PLAYING AREAS OR DESERT TERRAIN. Customer must accept the Rental Policy during checkout.


The rental or purchase of our equipment requires the customer to supply us with complete, accurate and current credit card information for a valid credit card of which the customer is the authorized owner. We do not accept prepaid credit or debit cards. By completing the checkout process, you authorize us or our agent to bill your credit card the applicable rental and retail fees, any and all applicable taxes and shipping surcharges, and any other charges you may incur in connection with your use of our service or website. The applicable rental fees will be charged to your credit card on the date your rental or purchase is initiated. Additional fees will be charged when deemed necessary (i.e., when clubs are not returned on time or are returned damaged). You also authorize us to place a pre-authorization hold on your credit card before any equipment is shipped to you. We outline the amount(s) of these hold(s) below.

In addition to charges for the Rental Period, Clublender may charge your credit card with the following additional charges, under the following circumstances:

Failure to return the rental equipment: You are obligated to return the equipment to Clublender. Your failure to return the equipment to Clublender for any reason, including if the equipment was lost or stolen, may result in Clublender charging your credit card the full amount of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (plus applicable sales tax) for the equipment, in addition to any charges for the Rental Period. For any unreturned iron head cover, Clublender may charge up to $10. Clublender also reserves the right to file a police report against you or any other party, and you hereby waive all claims against Clublender for any consequences resulting from Clublender making such a report.

Condition of rental equipment upon return: You are obligated to return the rental equipment to Clublender in the same condition, normal wear and tear from proper use excepted, as Clublender rented it to you. If you fail to do so, Clublender may charge your credit card a sum sufficient to fully restore the equipment to its condition at the start of the Rental Period. The amount Clublender charges for these repairs shall be in Clublender’s sole discretion and may include applicable sales tax. Such charges shall not, however, exceed the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the damaged equipment.

Pre-Authorization Holds and Deposits

When the customer is renting equipment using a credit card, Clublender will place a pre-authorization hold on the card before shipping the equipment. The amount of the hold will be $150 if the customer is renting four or fewer sets, subsets (for example, a set of irons separate from a full set), or single clubs (for example, a driver separate from a full set). Clublender considers each full set or subset as one unit, not as the number of component clubs in the set, for the sake of this calculation. The amount of the hold will be $400 if the customer is renting between five and eight full sets, subsets, single clubs, or combinations thereof. If Clublender is unable to place a hold of the relevant amount on the customer-provided credit card before shipping the equipment, Clublender may cancel the order and issue a full refund.

For orders containing 9 sets or more, the customer will pay a deposit of $125 for every set in the order. This deposit is separate from the rental payment itself and Clublender will hold onto this deposit until it receives the equipment back from the customer and assesses potential damage to or loss of equipment. The exact value of the deposit will be displayed during checkout and the same amount will be automatically refunded to the same credit card used once the equipment is returned to Clublender, provided that no damage or loss has been found.

Rental Period

The Rental Period is defined as that period of time, which shall be no less than one (1) day, for which you have reserved to rent golf equipment from us. The Rental Period shall commence in the morning on the day of your rental and shall terminate in the evening on that same day (unless your reservation is for multiple days, in which event, it shall terminate in the evening on the final day of your Rental Period).

Extension of Rental Period

If at any time after 8:00 pm (local time) the day prior to the Rental Period you wish to extend the Rental Period, you may do so only by calling Clublender customer service at (323) 405-4463. Pricing for the extension is subject to availability, and is only available via telephone inquiry.

Bodily Injury or Damage to Equipment

The customer renting golf clubs from Clublender agrees to pay for any damage to the clubs they are renting that Clublender does not consider normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear to the clubs includes (but is not exclusive to) scratches on the bottom of the club head, tee marks on the club head, and grip wear. Clubs will be inspected by a Clublender representative prior to the rental delivery. Clublender suggests that the customer inspect the clubs upon receipt, mentioning any perceived damage to Clublender in writing, via email, before playing with the clubs in order that the customer not be charged for loss or damage not caused by his or her use of the clubs.

Upon return of the clubs, the customer is responsible for reporting any damage to the clubs. Failure to report damage to the clubs will result in the customer’s credit card being charged an amount equivalent to the replacement or pre-rental condition repair cost. The amount charged to the customer’s credit card will be at the discretion of Clublender; however, Clublender will advise the customer of the charge prior to the customer’s credit card being charged. The customer will not be charged for damages due to factory defects. All clubs suspected of having factory defects will be inspected by Clublender personnel prior to any charges being assessed to the customer.

Clublender will not be responsible for non-accidental damage beyond normal wear and tear, or loss due to theft, force of nature, or fire. The customer agrees to indemnify and save harmless Clublender from any claim, including but not limited to claims relating to bodily injury or property damage. Clublender will not be held responsible for any damage or bodily injury incurred upon anything or anyone by the rental clubs.

Clublender reserves the right to charge up to the retail price at the time of the manufacturer’s product release for lost or damaged equipment. Please keep in mind the pictures provided below are examples of situations in which we may charge for the necessary replacement/repair costs, however, Clublender reserves the right to charge the necessary amount even if damages present on clubs are not identical to damages displayed in the pictures.

Here is an example of a returned driver head for which we will by default charge the equipment’s full replacement cost:

The dent and the crack independently require the removal of the equipment from circulation to other customers.

Here are examples of a returned driver head and 3-wood head for which we might charge a minimum of 30% of the equipment’s replacement cost:

The gouge and scratches present on the 3-wood club head, as well as the paint chips on both the 3-wood and driver head, do not match the condition in which the clubs were pre-booking and require removal from circulation to other customers.

Promotion Codes

Clublender will from time to time offer promotion codes to individuals, groups of individuals, and companies which the customer can submit on the Clublender website upon checkout.


In no event shall Clublender be liable to the customer for any amount exceeding the rental fee.


By agreeing to this Rental Policy, the user agrees to Clublender’s Terms of Use as laid out on the Clublender website.

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