Storage and on-demand forwarding

With our Virtual Bag Room Pilot Program, we’re reimagining how you can get your own golf equipment to your destination. We’ll store your equipment and forward it the destination of your choosing – on your timeline.

We’re kicking off the service with a 12-week subscription option. Participating customers can opt to pay the subscription monthly or in one upfront charge.

Getting started

Equipment registration

During the online registration and checkout process, you’ll list the contents of your golf bag by giving us some short descriptions of your equipment. We’ll send you a label (and a box, if you need it), so that you can send us your bag. You’ll also let us know of the address to which you’d like the equipment returned at the end of the subscription period. (You can update this selection over the course your subscription.)

Equipment intake

Once we receive your equipment, we’ll confirm what we’ve received. If you verify that we’ve received everything, your subscription will begin. (If you don’t, we’ll return the equipment to you and process a full refund of your subscription fee.)

Scheduling delivery of your equipment

Your custom product

Once your equipment is checked in, you’ll have access to your set as a product listing on You’ll be able to book your set the way you would book one of our rental sets. You’ll also be able to view the shipping charges for any combination of destination and dates you like.

We’ll ship your equipment to you in a Clublender box that will include a return shipping label. You can enjoy the use of your equipment and, when you’re done using it, return it to us from any UPS Store or UPS Access Point (Staples, for example), or from a golf course, hotel, or other commercial location that is willing to accept a UPS pickup.

We can schedule the pickup by UPS, but we’ll need your cooperation in getting the equipment back to us. We’re not able to take responsibility for your equipment while it’s at your destination.

Transit time and cost

Shipping costs are dynamic over the course of the season, but for your convenience we’ve put together this table of estimated standard (not expedited) shipping cost ranges and times between each “equipment home base” option (availability-permitting) and different destinations across the country. Please note that this table is built for your convenience and is not a guarantee of future shipping charges.

Shipping timing and cost estimates between Clublender Los Angeles, Clublender Louisville, and various destinations

Please note that we present these estimates in order to help provide a broad understanding of the shipping implications of using the Virtual Bag Room and not as a promise of future cost or timing. Shipping timing and cost are subject to change over the course of the season and may differ from what is displayed here. These estimates are based on Clublender custom box dimensions of 47″ x 10″ x 15″ and weight of 25 lbs, and exclude any declared value estimates. Clublender compiled these estimates on June 19th, 2023.
Destination Roundtrip shipping cost estimate, Clublender Los Angeles Shipping timing estimate (business days), Clublender Los Angeles Roundtrip shipping cost estimate, Clublender Louisville Shipping timing estimate (business days), Clublender Louisville
$54.34 3 $43.98 2
$48.20 3 $79.94 5
Los Angeles,
$26.40 1 $75.72 3
$75.72 4 $26.40 1
Palm Beach,
$75.72 4 $43.98 2

If you place your order by our cutoff time (noon locally at your equipment’s home base), we’ll consider it our responsibility to get your equipment to our shipping partner (typically UPS) in time to accommodate your selection of dates and destination. We’ll track your shipment and give you the information to do the same, but because we can’t guarantee that our shipping partner will be able to meet their timing estimate, we recommend selecting, when placing your order, as advanced a delivery target as you’re able.

By default, when you provide enough notice, we (and our website) will target a delivery date of two business days prior to your first day of play in order to accommodate any prospective delays in transit. If we have enough notice for on-time standard (non-expedited) transit to achieve delivery one business day prior to your first playing date, we’ll still default to standard delivery. In such instances, if you’d like to target earlier delivery in order to allow for delays in transit, please select an earlier first booking date. That selection will signal to us that you’d like expedited shipping service.

As with standard shipping service, when you make this selection you’ll be able to visualize the shipping cost before placing your order.

Equipment “home base”

During the registration process, you’ll select Clublender Louisville or Clublender Los Angeles as the home base for your equipment. Shipping charges will typically be lower over shorter distances, so if you think you’ll be more likely to want your equipment in the eastern portion of the country, Clublender Louisville may be a more cost-effective option, and if you think you’ll be more likely to want your equipment in the western portion of the country, Clublender Los Angeles may be a more cost-effective option.

If you’d like to change your home base over the course of your subscription period, please let us know. If we have the space in the location that you didn’t originally select, we may be able to change your home base.

Equipment requirements and cleaning

Equipment requirements

We’ll ship the equipment in a custom Clublender box with interior dimensions of 9.5 inches in width, 14.5 inches in depth, and 46.0 inches in length, so the equipment will need to able to fit inside that box. We think that these dimensions will accommodate most carry bags with a standard length driver. In some cases, for the equipment to meet the length restriction of the box, the driver head may need to be removed from the driver shaft. With many modern drivers, this procedure can be carried out with a standard driver head adjustment tool that is often sold with the driver.

(If you subscribe to the service and you’re unsure of whether your bag will fit inside the box, we can send you a trial box. If the equipment fits, you can send us the boxed equipment for intake, and if it doesn’t, we can refund your subscription fee.)

We also require that the boxed equipment weigh no more than 35 pounds.


Our team considers basic cleaning of your equipment, in particular of individual club heads, to be part of the Virtual Bag Room service. If you’d like for our team to not clean your equipment, please let us know.

Return of your equipment

Once your subscription period is done, we’ll initiate the return of your equipment to you. If you place an order that is close enough to the end of the subscription period that we estimate the return of the equipment to Clublender will be after the close of the period, we’ll provide a return label that designates your original return address, rather than your equipment’s Clublender home base, as the return destination.

Read more about the terms of the Virtual Bag Room service in the Subscriber Agreement.

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