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Partnering to Transform the Golf Industry

Clublender is proud to be partnering with Vessel Bags. In under a decade of existence, Vessel has distinguished itself through the high levels of care and craftsmanship that it puts into its bags, bringing the same attention to detail to golf bags that it brings to handbags, school backpacks, wine bags, and duffels. As a result of the quality of its product, the bag company has begun to gain traction in both the amateur and professional golfing communities.

It has also established a company ethos around being part of the global community with a recognition that luxury goods are a privilege. Through its “buy a bag, give a bag” program, it has already pledged to donate more than 17,000 backpacks in an attempt to make education more accessible to children across the globe.

Vessel is a Partner We’re Proud to Have

Vessel has made entering the golf industry as a startup easier for Clublender, providing us with attentive customer support and personal attention. Vessel’s team has also made sure that our custom bag designs have been implemented exactly to our specifications. Even Clublender’s non-custom white bags, which are Vessel’s player stand bag option, represent a product that we’re proud to offer our customers.

We’re excited to be transforming the golf industry with Vessel as our partner.

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