Clublender’s mission is to make getting onto the golf course easier. Despite thinking of golf as a leisure activity, many of us spend a lot of energy, time, and money checking, shipping, storing, or otherwise making sure that we have specific clubs and other golf equipment where and when we want to play.

Often times this behavior comes in the form of carrying clubs from one place to another. We’ve all had different motivations for lugging equipment around: some players are unwilling to play anything but their own equipment; some like or love their own equipment, but would be willing to play other clubs if they could find a viable alternative (the exact same make and model, say.) The people in this latter scenario, however, often don’t want to take their chances at the course with rental equipment, or with a friend’s borrowed set, that might not only be costly, but also not fit the player’s body, swing, or preferences.

Some of us have acquired multiple sets over time so that we don’t need to carry a set from place to place. If we have one set at Location A, and another at Location B, the thinking goes, we won’t need to transfer equipment at all.

Whatever the reason for the lugging or the stashing, a common thread is that we tend to engage in these behaviors because we care about our experience. Part of that experience is a desire to play with equipment that we think we’ll enjoy using. On this blog, and, more importantly, in this business, Clublender will attempt to streamline this process of connecting the player to the gear. We’ll explore ways of making getting onto the course easier and more pleasurable.

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