Do you travel to California, Utah, Nevada, or Arizona often and love to play golf? Want to avoid hauling your clubs through the airport or worrying about what sort of clubs you’ll get renting at the course? Don’t want your own clubs in transit for a week or longer? We’ve got you covered with our golf club rental subscription plan for frequent renters.

Are you a beginning golfer? Not sure if you want to spend $1,000 or more on a new set of clubs for a game you may or may not keep playing? Not sure which type of clubs to buy? Our subscription plan allows you to rent premium clubs 5 times a month for 6 months at 40% off. By then, you’ll know whether golf is still calling your name.

Clublender was created so you can get quality clubs delivered to you when and where you want them—and we’re taking it even further for the frequent traveler or beginning golfer.

For $50 per month, you or your company will receive 40% off of our normal rental rates for up to 5 rental days per month.

Monthly fee $50
Max rental days per monthFive
Subscriber discount (accessories not included)40%
LimitationsPXG’s and accessories not included
TermSix months

When you subscribe, we’ll bill you in one $300 payment that will cover the six-month subscription.

Follow the link below to sign up with just a few clicks:

Have questions? Please email us at or call us at (323) 405-4463.

Note: PXG’s and accessories are not available at subscription pricing.