Do you travel a lot to California and love to play golf? Do you dread the hassle of schlepping your clubs or worrying where to rent them from each time? We’ve got you covered.

Clublender was created so that you can get quality clubs delivered to you when and where you need them. But we’re considering taking it even further for the frequent traveler.

Imagine a subscription service where you pay a monthly rate based on how frequently you’ll be golfing in California. As you’re booking your travel, you can hop over to our site and reserve your clubs. Leave the rest up to us. It’s that easy and that seamless.

And if you need to travel more or less in any given month, you can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan.

Interested? Please let us know a bit about yourself via the form below so that we can keep you in the loop as we develop this program. Know a friend who’d be interested too? Please share, because the more people who express interest in this program, the faster we’ll make it happen.

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