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Product specifications and photos

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Rogue drivers

9.0°, stiff, right, 60g 8
10.5°, regular, right, 50g 12, 45, 67
10.5°, stiff, right, 50g 141516
10.5°, stiff, right, 60g 3
10.5°, head-only (no shaft), right 27, 28

Rogue fairway woods

3-wood, regular, right 10, 1117, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26
3-wood, stiff, right 12, 13

Rogue X hybrid

3-hybrid, regular, right 9


0811X driver

10.5°, stiff, right 36A

0341 fairway woods

3-wood, stiff, right 36B
5-wood, stiff, right 36C

0317 hybrid

3-hybrid (19°), stiff, right 36D

0311 irons and wedges

4-PW, stiff, right 36E
50°, 54°, 58° (set); wedge flex, right 36F

Gunboat putter

34″, right 36G


M2 drivers

10.5°, women’s, right 35A
10.5°, stiff, left 51
10.5°, stiff, right 5253

M4 drivers

10.5°, regular, right 29A30A32A33A
10.5°, stiff, left 34A
10.5°, stiff, right 47A48A50A

M2 fairway woods

3-wood, women’s, right 35B
5-wood, women’s, right 35C
3-wood, stiff, left 58
3-wood, stiff, right 57, 59

M4 fairway woods

3-wood, regular, right 29B30B32B33B
3-wood, stiff, left 34B
3-wood, stiff, right 4147B50B

M2 hybrids

6-hybrid, women’s, right 35D
3-hybrid, stiff, left 42
3-hybrid, stiff, right 43, 44

M4 hybrids

3-hybrid, regular, right 29C32C33C
 3-hybrid, stiff, left  34C
  3-hybrid, stiff, right 3839404147C50C

M2 irons

4-PW, stiff, left 45

M4 irons

4-PW, regular, right 29D30D32D33D
4-9, regular, right 49
 4-PW, stiff, left 34D
 4-PW, stiff, right  47D48B50D

P790 (2017) irons

4-PW, stiff, right 46

M2 wedges

AW, SW, LW; women’s, right (set; optional matching with 35E irons) 35F

Milled Grind wedges

50°, 54°, 58°(set); wedge flex, right 30E, 32E, 33E, 47E
54°, wedge flex, right (individual) 61, 62, 63
 58°, wedge flex, right (individual) 64, 65

Spider Tour putters

 34″, right, “Black” 29F, 66
  34″, right, “Red” 30F30G, 31F, 32F, 33F, 47F, 50E
   34″, right, “Platinum” 48C

Spider Mini putter

 34″, left, “Red” 34F


TS3 driver and fairway wood

9.5° driver, stiff, right 37A
3-wood, stiff, right 37C

917 D3 driver

9.5°, stiff, right 55

917 D3 fairway wood

3-wood (15°), stiff, right 56

818 H2 hybrid

3-hybrid (19°), stiff, right 37B

718 AP2 irons

4-PW, stiff, right 37D

Vokey SM7 wedges

50°, 54°, 58°(set); wedge flex, right 37E

Scotty Cameron Futura 5CB putter

 34″, right 37F


* Listed where variations are available

Used equipment: 2018 model year and prior

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