Currently, we at Clublender maintain and transport an inventory of golf equipment so that we can make sure our customers are using only the highest quality equipment and receiving it seamlessly.

We think that this idea of golf equipment-sharing, however, is even bigger: anyone could share his or her own equipment.

Here’s the vision: let’s say someone has a set of golf clubs that aren’t being used; maybe the clubs are just sitting in a garage or a closet. Let’s also say that this person, the owner, likes making money on unused things. Finally, let’s assume that there’s a person, the renter, who would like to play golf and who likes the owner’s equipment. We’re building a platform to connect these two people.

But this idea requires a community. It requires you. If you’d be interested in renting out your clubs, or borrowing someone else’s, please let us know, and we’ll loop you into our private beta.

Here’s to building a whole new way of getting out onto the course without the hassle.

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