We offer a rental service for premium golf equipment across the United States. Through our partnership with UPS, we deliver the equipment to the golf course, office, home, hotel or other destination of your choosing in plenty of time for your round or practice session. The price of your rental includes all of the cost of delivery and return for destinations near our fulfillment hubs, and some of that cost for the rest. If you’re booking online, the checkout page will explicitly display any additional costs associated with shipping to your desired destination. In Los Angeles or Louisville, if you’d prefer to pick up the clubs yourself you can opt for curbside pickup during our Monday through Friday business hours.

Delivery location

If you specify a commercial location as the shipping destination for your booking, we’ll personally confirm that the location is able to accept and hold the your Clublender order for you.

We’ve found that if the team at a destination is able to accept and hold equipment for arrival, they typically are also able to take the equipment back from you when you’ve finished using the equipment so that Clublender can coordinate a UPS pickup. Nonetheless, in addition to confirming a location’s ability to receive the delivery, we’ll confirm the location’s ability to hold the equipment for return.

Once we’ve confirmed that a commercial address can hold the equipment after your final round, we’ll schedule a UPS pickup from that location.

If for whatever reason the location is unable or unwilling to accept and hold the equipment, we’ll reach out to you to discuss alternative destination options. (In many cases, for example, we can offer one or more nearby UPS Store locations as alternatives.) Similarly, in the event that a location is unable to help with the return of the equipment, we can work with you to identify a conveniently location UPS Store for equipment drop-off during that location’s operating hours.

UPS Store

If you’d like the equipment shipped to a UPS Store (or if your first-choice commercial destination won’t accept and hold your order) we’ll personally that the specific location will accept and hold the equipment. Not all UPS Store locations accept shipments for customers who don’t hold a mailbox at the location (i.e., for “non-box holders”)

If your first-choice UPS Store location won’t accept and hold your order for pickup, we’ll find the nearest UPS Store location to the initial choice that will. Please note that most UPS Stores that accept shipments for “non-box holders” also charge a “handling” or “holding” fee, typically between $5 and $25. When these fees exist, the amounts are specific to UPS Store franchisees. While we confirm whether we can ship to a particular UPS Store location, we’ll also ask UPS to confirm the fee at that location, and we’ll update you accordingly with that information.

When the equipment arrives at a UPS Store, a store operator will reach out to you via phone or email. Additionally, we’ll monitor your order directly, sending you shipping status updates via text and email, as well as tracking information via email so that you can follow the progress of your order as much or as little as you desire.

Please note that once you’re done playing, you can drop off the equipment at a UPS Store location that is different from the original delivery location.

Q: Where can I use Clublender?

Q: Am I able to rent individual clubs (a driver, for example, or just irons) or do I have to rent an entire set?

Q: Does the shipment include a golf bag?

Q: What is your coronavirus policy?


Order timing

Q: When do I get the clubs?

Q: What if I need clubs sooner than the notice that the online booking system requires in advance of my first playing date?

Q: If I am playing a round early Saturday morning, do I need to book the clubs for Friday AND Saturday to make sure I have my clubs?



Q: Do you have a physical location in Los Angeles where I can pick up clubs?

Q: What if I don’t know whether the course I’m playing at or the hotel I’m staying at accepts shipments of clubs?

Q: What if I know for a fact that the course I’m playing at or the hotel I’m staying at DOES NOT accept shipments of clubs?



Q: How do I return the clubs? What do I do after my last round?

Q: Will I be able to pick the clubs up at one location and drop them off at another?

Q: If I’m leaving the clubs at a UPS drop-off location rather than at a hotel or golf course, and if UPS is closed by the time I finish my round, what do I do?

Q: What if I’m unable to get the clubs to a UPS drop-off location during store hours (because it’s Sunday, for example, or my last round ends too late), or the course or my hotel won’t accept outgoing shipments?

Q: If my rental period ends on or near a holiday and UPS does doesn’t pick up my clubs on-time as a result, will I be charged an extra day?

Q: Will the clubs be picked up from my hotel or golf course?



Q: What forms of payment does Clublender accept?

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