Through our core rental service, we attempt to make renting premium golf equipment as easy and satisfying as possible. Nonetheless, we appreciate that under certain circumstance you may prefer to use your own equipment, and our Labels service can help facilitate that experience.

Required information

You’ll give us information about your starting and ending locations; what type of container you’d like to use for shipment, including whether you’d like for us to provide you with a box; the estimated gross weight of your shipment (the combined weight of the container and your golf equipment); the estimated value of your equipment; and the length, width, and height dimensions of the total package.

Our quote

With this information, we’ll provide you an on-website quote that will include one or more transit-timing options: Ground (one or more business days of transit, depending on the start and end locations), 2nd Day Air (two business days of transit), or Next Day Air Saver (one business day of transit).

Optional box provision

If you’ve requested that we provide you with box, our estimate of transit timing and cost will include our estimate of how long we’ll need to get the box from one of our hubs to your starting location.

Optional box provision

With-box quote

In the example from this screenshot, the six days quoted for Ground service include a three-day estimate for Clublender to get the box from one of its hubs to your shipping initiation point, and an additional three-day estimate for your package to travel from your shipping initiation point to your destination.

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